it's boots and straps and cowboy hats

Saturday Night we went to the Livingston Rodeo.  Livingston is the next town over (east) from Bozeman. We haven't spent any time there, but cruising through it the other night confirmed to us that we'll need to go back.  The downtown area looked really cute and the main boulevard is right by the train tracks, so that is a huge bonus for George.

Livingston puts on a bona fide rodeo.  As you can tell by the clientele in the picture below, there was no fooling around.  We tried to blend George in with his cowboy hat.  Though the crocs might have been a tipoff that we weren't exactly seasoned rodeo goers.

The rodeo kept George's attention pretty much through out the duration of the night.  It went over three hours, and George didn't squirm or have a need do to any prolonged sprinting.  Our general admission seats weren't exactly the best, but the action was good for a toddler audience.

There was all kinds of things going on at that rodeo.  First off - let me say that if you are easily offended the rodeo might not be the best place to go.  We had the unfortunate experience of falling into many of the demographics that served as the butt of the announcers jokes.
  • Californians
  • People who voted for Obama
  • Democrats
  • Utah
  • Bill / Hillary sympathizers.
I'm sure if they found out we were wearing chacos and drove a CR-V to the show we would've been put in their volunteer rodeo-clown program.

Most of the people in the audience were laughing pretty hard at the Obama jabs... makes me wonder what the left-leaning equivalent of the rodeo could be, any ideas?

The sight seeing/people watching was fantastic.  Check out this zoro dude in front of us.

Another key factor that may have contributed to George's enthusiasm for the rodeo, could have been his introduction to cotton candy.  Do you think he liked it?

Methinks that's a yes.

Despite the... questionable comedic repertoire/color commentary of the announcers, it was still really really cool to see a completely new (to us) athletic competition. The crowning event of the rodeo is the bull riding.  It is so fun to see the cowboys try to ride the HUGE bulls.  George loved every second of it.

Here's an action shot of the first event of the night, bare-backed bronco ridin'.

As with most events in our family, George looked the coolest.  I'm sometimes jealous that George looks about 10,000 times cooler than me every time we're in public.  Ok, not really jealous, but I wish I looked as natural at the rodeo as he did.  I think he was even laughing at the bill & hillary jokes.  What a chameleon!

All in all it was a great night.  George loved it so much that in his half-sleep state, he proclaimed "Bulls!" as we put his pajamas on.  A ringing endorsement from the coolest member of our family.  We hope you are all having a great holiday weekend.


TK said...

The Left's rodeos:

1. The Daily Show
2. The Colbert Report
3. All cable news channels (except one)
4. Hollywood
5. Anyone else with a microphone and access to millions of people (again, with a few exceptions)

I feel like you did at the rodeo every time I turn on the TV, read a newspaper or read a magazine...what sucks is that I'm considered unintelligent, ignorant or a bigot for leaning towards the rodeo announcer instead of John Stewart.

Maybe what's worse of all is when I start thinking that either side is right...

david said...


i meant more of an, actual physical gathering. perhaps a whole foods store launch? prius sale? this american life live performance?

sounds like you are really smarting from the media's jabs. sorry to say, but i think this is still in reaction to the way bush et al handled things during his 8 year reign. he messed a lot of things up.

TK said...

You're spot on with Bush's mistakes...and my sensitivity. I can't believe I sound as cynical as my dad!

My vote is still with The Daily Show, but having lived in Austin and visited the Whole Foods "Mother Ship," you may be on to something...

david said...


a tv show isn't the kind of gathering i was thinking about - think of something more tangible.

still stewing on it me'self.

Dawn D. Lion said...

Left leaning equivilant: a live taping of "This American Life" with Ira Glass.
A few of my lefty friends are going to one here soon.

Serena Cherry said...

I have to admit, I immediately thought of The Daily Show also. However, enough about politics...that pic of George smiling is the cutest! Seriously, it should be framed on his wall. I also love the one with all three of you. Ashley always manages to look graceful and beautiful while you and George are just cool. Love your family!