i think we can all agree...

that one of the most oft volunteered bits of parental/marital advice is:

pick your battles

i.e. "in life there will be disagreements and in order to maintain harmony you must determine which disagreements are important, and which are not."

I also think we can all agree, that there are times in life when you need to dig in your heels and fight for what's right, i.e., who is better at ping pong and mario kart? Me, or your best friend from college?

I mean, right is right. Right? ; )

Care to share any examples when you picked a really asinine important battle?


david said...

so i guess ashley and i are the only one's who've ever had an inconsequential disagreement.

lesson learned.

Serena Cherry said...

I say let the facts speak for themselves...a match!

And for the record...I always pick every battle.


Blythe said...

Well, we once had the following dumb argument:

I had just finished exercising at the track.

Dave: That was only 7 laps.
Me. No, it was 8.
Dave: 7! Why do you have to disagree with me?
Me: Because they were MY laps and I was counting. I don't know how many laps you did, because counting YOUR laps in YOUR job.

Yep, pretty inane. PS...I was right.