the farmer in the dell

A couple of weeks ago Ashley heard about this really fun farm with unlimited berry-picking potential, and animals aplenty. George was a little under-the-weather during the trip, but it didn't stop him from having a good time. Just wanted to share a few pictures from the adventure.

down in the dumps at underwood farms

mom and george in the sunflowers

george likes sharing his food

george has turned into quite the hugger

sampling the fruits of his labors

peacefully tending his harvest

we tried to get george to smuggle these out - no luck.

you gotta get me outta here man. i'll do anything.

george lost the game of chicken ala kevin bacon in footloose


Serena Cherry said...

Oh my goodness!! Why is George the cutest little boy ever??? I mean, seriously? Those berry stained cheeks are so squeezable! I love that he is a hugger. Oh, how I miss the Pulsipher family!

Anonymous said...

George is so cute. He is looking more like Ashley lately.

Lemonzest said...

Ash, you're so beautiful! All you guys are. Miss you.

Sarah said...

We love Underwood Family Farms. You should go there also in October around Halloween time. They have TONS of cute things for kids and of course, a vast array of pumpkins to choose from.

david said...

thank you, anonymous poster! i agree

Liz said...

Ok, I nearly melted when I saw the one of George hugging Ashley. What a precious moment. Did I just say precious moment? Like the creepy little greeting cards? Gross.