monday is the new saturday

This past weekend I had to work on Saturday, all day. Total bummer, so as a consolation I took Monday off for some family fun. There is something special about not working, when everyone else is. It's like those days in college when you could go up to the mountain to go skiing/snowboarding during the week. The fun gets amplified 10,000 times because all of the sudden the world has become your playground. A giant, vacant playground. Maybe some of you who have unconventional work schedules already know these fruits. The added bonus was that I felt less stress about the expectations of the day, whereas on normal weekends I sometimes feel like there are high stakes because it's the weekend. I think I unlocked a key to the universe - weekends on weekdays. Think about it people.

While we're thinking about these and other wild possibilities, let me caution you about thinking
too much.

Apparently, not only is climbing on the railing is prohibited, but so is thinking about it. Wild.

The picture doesn't quite do it justice, but the water really was clear. George was in rare form.

Look at those chompers. You know George was feeling the Monday = Saturday conversion

George was telling some awesome jokes

George & Me (cliffs of insanity in the background)

Getting all artistic on ya. My idea. Ashley's execution. Liked it so much, I made it our banner.

Our new favorite trick for George is "party fingers." Oh, and walking.

With all our free time, we even snuck a quick trip to San Pedro South Korea to visit the friendship bell.

Yes, I realize that it looks ridiculous that I have the kite out 100' long and only 20' high. Ashley failed to capture my awesome kitesmanship when I had it really high, so instead I just look like an ignoramus.

Other events not captured on camera include:
  • A giant/delicious diet coke from 7-11
  • A family bike ride to Carlson Park to play soccer
I think I've made a compelling case for the effectiveness of weekend observation on weekdays. Who's coming with us?


EG said...

I'm in!

Dawn D. Lion said...

I am! Jason has worked weekends forever, which is not so nice when everyone plans their parties at 2pm on Saturday, but its really nice to avoid crowds for anything that you'd want to do on a weekend.

Serena Cherry said...

I am so happy to see you enjoying the kite, even if it is really close to the ground! :) It looks like you guys had a really great day.I love it! And I love the new banner, too!

david said...

oh i'm enjoying the kite alright. i love it.

Priscilla said...

David, any idiot can fly a kite up high. Low flying kites are the EXTREME of kite flying. I am so impressed. What a gorgeous place you were today. Love the pictures.

david said...

good point priscilla. i do like taking it to the max. extreme. that's me.

adrian L said...

put down the aspartine (diet coke cancer causing ingredient). we need to have an intervention.

Blythe said...

Since I work nearly every Saturday, I often appreciate the "weekend on a weekday" thing. Actually, on the occasional week when my two days off are Saturday and Sunday, I feel like I can't get anything done.

On the negative side, it can really be a pain to work virtually every Saturday of your life, because that's exactly when most parties are. AND family get togethers.