"i've been sick"

My dad has a sculpture titled, "I've been sick." I really like the title, and the sculpture. Something about the admission itself, begs for some sort of recognition.

I remember hearing other parents (pre-George) talk about their kids being sick, and from their description wondering why they were describing it as some monolithic event.

Now I get it.

George has been sick for over a week or so. Lots of sore, runny noses. Crusty crap in the eyes and nostrils. Bad sleeping.

The funny thing is - when babies are sick you kind of realize how their entire life impacts your own. It's not like when your spouse is sick. You sympathize, you maybe get them some material comforts, make them food, but otherwise are able to go about your business. When your kid is sick - it sends an interruptive shockwave through your house.

You can't wait for your kid to get better, and you wonder if they ever will. You wonder if they were ever happy, or were they always grumpy and irritable.?

We hope that George is almost out of this last bug. It's taken it's toll on all of us. Less sleep, more stress.

Despite it - it makes you feel really fortunate to understand how much this little life affects your own.


clyde said...

Poor little guy. We've gone the rounds with Myler being sick a couple months ago... It just sucks. It's even worse that they can't talk and tell you what's going on. It will be a little better then I guess. Hopefully the George gets feeing better. Hang in there man.

Dawn D. Lion said...

It does suck when they are sick. I am also not a fan of making the call whether to go to the doctor or not. I hope George is better!

My heart goes out to parents whose kids have a major illness like cancer or CF. I think they must be stronger people than anyone else in the world.

Serena Cherry said...

Oh, sweet little George. It is so hard. To this day, Lane (age 5) will surprise me with really bad behavior and I will be so upset by it only to realize that she'd been sick all along and I didn't know. It really does change their personality. He will be back to his charming, snuggly self in no time. I love that little guy!

Priscilla said...

You are a good Dad, David. I hope George gets well soon. They say it takes 3 days to get sick, 4 days to be sick and 3 days to get better. It seems like George has been sick longer than that.

adrian said...

i wish i could just tell you my regular remedy--sleep and water, but i'm not sure that's all babies need. i hope he gets better quick.

in other matters, where is the walking video?!?!?