This Morning on his 31st Birthday

As you may remember from last year David started the morning of his birthday suited up for the rainy weather commute to work. I think it is his new favorite birthday tradition. It has been raining buckets and I am convinced he is the only bike commuter in all of Los Angeles this week-- I am very proud of him!

Happy 31st birthday David! You are a wonderful husband, father and friend.

Here is George -- he can't wait to go on a bike ride with his dad tomorrow!


david said...

thanks honey. i think i look cooler in my 30 year old picture. my favorite detail from this year's picture are my custom, made to order "ralph's grocery bag" sock liners. they're semi-functional!

now i just look like a very happy dad.


kimber said...

No way, I think you look way cooler this year. I think you must be like fine wine...or fine cheese. Anyway, happy birthday David from the Nelsons. We sure are glad you were born!

Serena Cherry said...

That is pretty amazing that it has rained in LA on your birthday 2 years in a row. Anywhere else in the country it might seem kind of sad, but in LA it seems pretty cool. I like the new helmet! Happy Birthday! You are a very hip biker dad!

Justin said...

Dave looks like dressed for success. I hope he took out the garbage behind him before he left for the day.