This morning on his 30th Birthday

This is David this morning as he left the house... it never rains in Los Angeles, but it is today, on David's 30th Birthday. He is a trooper and refused a ride to work, but I think he was secretly excited to wear the rain gear that usually sits in his closet.

It is a rare occasion that I post on the blog, but today I just really wanted to say Happy Birthday and that I love him a lot. He is a really great husband and friend and is always an example to me. I am really excited to see him become a father in the next couple of months. I know he will do such a great job. I love David because of his ability to commit to things he believes in and always has a really positive outlook on everything. I am grateful to have him as a husband--- Happy 30th Birthday David!


david said...

YOU!!! i should've known you were up to some tricks!

thanks honey... truth be told, i actually got a cab a block away from the house.


MiaKatia said...

Happy Birthday Dave!!!!!

the youngs said...

Sweet rain slicker! Can't you ride in galoshes? I wish we could be there to make you another sweet bike cake with 30 spokes or 30 gears or 30 candles, etc...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, David. Nice blog hijack move, Ashley!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, David!
30 will be a great year for you with the advent of Jr. What fun. It was great to spend time with you this week. I will always treasure the memory of you and Ashley singing "In the Jungle, the mighty jungle..." by accidental phone call. Happy ice scooping. Priscilla

david said...

thanks everyone for the well-wishes. youngs, we wish you could be at our party!

priscilla - i can now scoop till my heart's content. there has never been a finer scoop in all of darbyshire. rumor has it that my scoop has ten thousand a year.

Serena Cherry said...

Ah, David! I could write so much! I love this picture of you, it captures you perfectly: dedicated and tough. Definitely.
Wow, 30 years old! And almost a father. You will be such a great dad. One of my favorite memories was going to Guatemala with you. Honestly, we are bonded for life after that trip! I can't wait to go on another adventure. Let's start looking for 8$ flights again! Just sitting on many buses, talking about how bad I wanted McDonalds...seeing dead cows on the road. It just doesn't get better than that.
I hope that you have a wonderful year. I hope that you can bike even more miles and that your little guy can come along. He will love it. Thank you for being such a great guy! You do such a great job of entertaining us and being kind to us and also taking such great care of our lovely Ashley.
Happy Birthday.
For He's a jolly good fellow.

clyde said...

Looking suave.