monumental event: george's first bike ride

Ever since I found out we were having a baby, I've been dreaming of this day. The day we could be bike-mobile with our child. This event was 14 months in the making...

Last week I found the perfect deal on just the right bike trailer, on eBay. A couple of days later, it was on our doorstep. I was so excited when it came, Ashley got me to leave work an hour early just so I could put it together.

Of course I had visions of George sitting in the trailer, squealing with delight. But as we all know, babies and "excursions" can be a wild card. Actually, they are like that wildcard in Uno where you get the wild, and the additional draw four zinger.

Be that as it may, I wanted to focus on the positives as we set out on our first excursion. First good sign - a photogenic George in his trailer!

"Dad, let's do this"

"Dad, you're close to getting it right - you just need to angle it a little more this way."

We set out on a small, leisurely pace through the neighborhood. George seemed to be really loving it. As we circled the house without a major meltdown, our excitement and George's mood got the best of us. We decided to go for the gusto! A four mile (round trip) ride to Whole Foods for a little snack (I usually get a chocolate milk and a baked good of some kind, Ashley - something fruitier, or saltier).

We met up with our friends Keith and Lesley halfway, and took George's convoy up to Whole Foods.

David = really happy

We made it to our destination just fine, and squawked and squealed the whole way. We were really proud of ourselves.

George, on the verge of sleep

The night was absolutely beautiful and honestly... the kind of night that makes you want to pinch yourself for living in Los Angeles. Clear sky, full moon, absolute perfect to the zillionth degree temperature.

We lazily meandered through the vacant streets, loving our new family-oriented mobility. Keith and Lesley parted ways with our group, and we made our way home. George... silent as we approached home.

Lights out little traveler

The perfect cherry on top - George falls asleep in the trailer. He was totally comfortable, just in a onesy all the way home. Ashley and I were completely ecstatic at how well the trailer worked and how much George seemed to enjoy it. Consider this the first of many Pulsipher family bike adventures.

post script:
for a "nuts and bolts" edition to this post, check my other blog to see how we made this family outing, a safe one.


the youngs said...

Ooohhh....I am very interested in the nuts and bolts! Lucy needs to get behind the bike for a ride! By the way, thanks for making me so jealous that I don't get to experience perfect temperature to the zillionth degree anymore! I am sure glad that you all are loving it though! :) Give George a little squeeze for Lucy and me.

Dawn D. Lion said...

Yay! Congrats on the milestone! Sounds like it was a perfect time and he loved it! WTG little biker!

Serena Cherry said...

That might be the cutest pics of George that I have seen yet! I can tell that he loves his Daddy and wants to be part of his biking world!

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