camping in mineral king

Last weekend we went camping with the Nelsons at Mineral King. Ever heard of Mineral King? I hadn't either until Chad pitched it to us as the ideal location for us to introduce our two little lads to the wonderful world of camping.

Despite a scare with the gas tank and a treacherous 25 mile trek up a one way road - the trip was great. Here are some of the highlights.

Mom and George on our hike the first day.

George slept really well the first night. Sleeping like a log

Breakfast the first morning. Breakfast burritos courtesy of the Nelsons

Our campsite from afar. We took the "walk in" sites and it proved to be a wise choice. Car camping sometimes puts you next to unsavory characters. We didn't hear a peep from anyone. 30 feet from the river. Lovely.

George's new favorite toy - steel mug. Hot chocolate has never tasted so good.

Ansel Adams - eat your heart out

Look at that toe. Could you love a toe more than I love this one? I doubt it. I call it, "Big toe on Granite."

Mom & George exploring nature

George spotted a dear. It was like 4 feet from us

The second day we went on a fantastic, grueling hike. I learned a deep truth about my preferences for hiking. I really enjoy the destination, but I really struggle with the process of getting there. I need a team of strong willed people to push me, because often times I told myself that if asked to turn around, I'd emphatically respond "yes." Thanks for the push guys.

George really likes Chad.

Mosquito Lake - our destination. We were the only ones there for most of the time. Very serene and peaceful.

Ashley seized a teaching moment and taught us of the behavior traits of Ursus Americanus, the American Black Bear

George loved the campfire. Cozy in his camping jammies

George and favorite new toy - steel cup. If he ever becomes an old timey prospector or an inmate during the 40's, he'll be right at home

The ride home was stressful as we tried to beat the clock and get home in time to turn the rental in. George helped us all de-stress by leading us in a routine of yoga poses and calisthenics.

Camping was a huge success, and for the most part George was a very happy "camper." We hope to go again soon, perhaps next time involving bikes.


Dawn D. Lion said...

I admit it - I'm jealous. I love camping. Great pictures. I think my favorite, even more than all the cute George ones, is Ashley the Bear.

clyde said...

Wow that's awesome. We chickened out a few weeks ago on a camping trip for the summer. It just seemed too hard with Myler and stuff... we should have done it. You guys made it look easy. Good job!

Benson and Jaimi said...

Wow, you guys are so adventurous! George is so cute. I need to meet him and he needs to teach my little girls to be more easy going!

david said...

yeah clyde, it really wasn't that hard. if myler is a pretty flexible guy, go for it. if he's a little particular, it might be more challenging.

Serena Cherry said...

I love these pictures! George just gets cuter and cuter! We wish we could be on the adventures with you guys!