Well it's a new year and we're off to a slow start in the blog department. It's not for lack of adventure and fun - we've had plenty of that.  We've had pretty much plenty of everything, except for snow. Much to my chagrin.

The boys continue to delight us, and... in other times, push us to the brink of sanity. What has been an absolute, and unexpected joy is to see their relationship developing independent of our own.  They show a mutal admiration and love for each other that is so sweet.

Happy 2012, albeit a month late.  

 Getting ready for Ed's blessing at church.

                       George telling a hilarious story about a time he tricked mom into buying him a car.

Ed frequently looks at us, amidst a George hug, with a look in his eye that says, "I'm enjoying this but I know how quickly things can get out of control, you are in control right?"

George can be a huge ham sometimes, whereas Ed is a literal ham. I have no idea where either of them get this.  Must be from a distant relative somewhere.

Boys playing with Ed's jungle gym, a frequent meet up spot.

We love seeing George and Ed's relationship develop.  


Blythe said...

In that last picture, Ed looks like...baby Dawn! I don't know why I've never seen that before.

Serena Cherry said...

What cute brothers! These pictures are so precious and I am really glad when you blog so we can see moments like these. Keep blogging for us!! :)

Anonymous said...

The boys are so cute! I can't wait to see them and give them big hugs. 2nd babies have more to entertain them than just Mom and Dad. Its nice for all . We love seeing their pictures. Grandma Potter

Dawn D. Lion said...

I like the ham picture. Great captioning brother and they are sooo cute! Can't wait to see you guys this sumer.

ashley said...

Blythe, I have always thought Ed must be a Pulsipher baby. Now I need to see more pictures of Dawn as a baby!

We are excited to see you all this summer!

Blythe said...

Ashley, I'll have to poke around and see if I can find a good one. Dawn probably has more. I also have the videotape that has our family's old home movies on it. The footage of baby Dawn is a family favorite (there's also adorable footage of David learning to walk). It seems like we could get it converted to DVD form somewhere.

ashley said...

Okay, so I would LOVE that video! I know you aren't the biggest fan of Costco, but you can convert vhs to dvd there. It is kind of pricy. I don't care what it costs, we'll send the check if you get around to it. Those memories are priceless!

I would love watching them with all you guys so we can hear your memories, etc. Maybe when we are in Colorado for the reunion?

Blythe said...

or, as it turns out...maybe sooner? A silver lining.

Laureate Leslie said...

I'm glad to see that Ed has "The Ears" too. Adorable.

Jerri Chan said...

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Alison said...

ok George is like a young man! INSANE! Soooo adorable! xo