happy 30th ashley

Today is Ashley's 30th birthday, not her 29th, not her 31st... her 30th.  As such it is completely monumental for so many reasons.

I was reading census data the other day (gripping, I know) and it was reiterated to me that Ashley is likely going to live longer than me. Maybe even much longer than me.  Women just live longer than men.  With that information, I was reminded of how hard I need to work to be worthy of this wonderful woman, so that when I die she doesn't replace me with some money-bags and burn all our pictures.

Just kidding. Ashley would never do that.  Ashley is loyal, loving, fun and adventurous.  30 is the new 20.  She is a fantastic woman and I'm so glad that she is my wife.  Every day I laugh with her.  That is one of her greatest gifts to me.  Now if I can only find one of those fireman calendars... then that will be my greatest gift to her.

Happy Birthday Ashley, may you have 50, 60 more of these (with me, not Mr. Money Bags).  Also, here's a note from George:


kimber said...

happy birthday ashley! i think abe called george to fill him in on all the ways he can make your day special. i wish i could be there to make your 30th as great as you made mine! you are a great friend!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am impressed with George's Tai-chi skills. You can't say he doesn't have some skills. Ashley is great. I hope she had a great birthday and knows how much she is loved by all. Mom

Chad said...

Happy birthday, Ashley! We miss you!

Dawn D. Lion said...

happy birthday ashley! birthdays with zeros at the end *are* monumental so they say. I think 30's rock, though. Young enough and old enough.