can't get away from the summertime blues...

Well, you can if you come to Montana!  Our repeated pleas for you to come up and visit us has largely fallen on deaf ears, so that's it! No more invites!

Ok ok... I give in. Of course you are welcome any time.  We are madly trying to get ready for baby #2, but in the mean time have been having one heck of a summer.

We've been eating outside a lot. The evenings are spectacular and made even easier by our CRV-insta picnic tables.  Our neighbors have a CRV so they pop theirs out and its a regular block party.  Lots of fun.

We've been telling George that unless he steps his game up, he'll never get into an Ivy league school.  Late night cram sessions are a common occurrence in this household.

The irony is not lost on me - George and I reading a book titled "Just Me and My Mom."  Nice book and all... but the mom is dressed like a victorian vampire and it makes you wonder what era these creatures live in.

Another night, another craving for Ashley.  She usually eats about three of these "pregnant" size rice crispy treats a night.  j/k.

George is a great example of safety.  He insists on wearing his helmet, every chance he can get.

Those idiots at the marketing department at Gap (sorry Blythe!) really blew it when they didn't snatch George up to be their next model.  Look at this freaking kid for pete's sake.  Tell me you don't want to buy that outfit... and our child!

George continues to be a source of joy in our lives. We feel very lucky to have him and so excited for his little brother to come next week.  Stay tuned for that announcement.

We hope you are all having a wonderful summer.


Serena Cherry said...

So true about the Gap thing...love the outfit and the kid! Love the eating outside thing, it makes my heart hurt a little bit (eating outside here equals sauna+bugs) love you guys. I am thinking of you every day.

kimber said...

OK, fine! We are coming in September! Can't wait for baby announcement. BTW Ashley and I are totally on the same page. I just age a tray of rice crispy treats last week too.