wedding fever

Our good friend Alison did a post last week in the midst of Kate and Will's wedding euphoria, wherein she asked others to share their wedding stories & pictures. We thought it was a great idea so I dusted off some of our old wedding photos to share with y'all.

In case you don't know the story... we got married amidst one of the great blizzards of recent Colorado history. We even had to move our date up a day to beat the storm. In true fashion, we showed mother nature who's boss and did not let her stop us from our destiny.

Ashley on the way to the Denver LDS Temple

Me, reflecting on our white knuckle, two hour drive from the mountains to Denver.

My dad, reliving the mayhem that transpired.  We were inches away from a severe car wreck.  Mother nature, car wreck... nothing could stop us.

Fastforward an hour and a half later... we emerge from the Temple legally married!

The rest of these are a bunch of us kissing and posing in front of the Temple.  Did I mention there was a blizzard?  See for yourself.

My first test as a husband.  Do not drop your bride on her wedding day.  What's funny about this picture is that this was also a fulfillment of one of Ashley's initial misgivings about my husband CV.  When we met, I was suffering from a pretty big back problem and she remarked to her mother, "I'm worried that if I marry David he won't be able to hold/lift our children."  I passed with flying colors - Hiyo!!

Lessons learned:

1.  Marry a beautiful Colorado girl
2. Trust your dad to drive you your wedding, his years of experience behind the wheel will serve you well.
3.  Consider the ramifications of a winter wedding carefully

Anyone else want to join the wedding nostalgia train?  Post your links in the comment section.


Priscilla said...

I love all of those pictures. I hope others read about the hazards of december weddings and think summer- but you look too happy to make a winter wedding scary.

David said...

any "others" specifically priscilla?

Serena Cherry said...

The wedding was so beautiful. Seriously, the white snow was a gorgeous backdrop. Ashley looked so beautiful, I loved the whole thing!! It makes me think, "it wasn't that bad, right?" Just a little stressful in the ice. :)

Blythe said...

I had forgotten how beautiful Ashley's dress was! But I hadn't forgotten the white knuckle drive to the reception.