kevin costner vs. russell crow

I'm a HUGE Robin Hood Prince of Thieves fan.  I think like many people my age, that movie really pushed the boundaries of everything we wanted in a movie:
  • Archery
  • Luscious hair
  • Secret hide outs
  • Tree houses
  • Sword duels
  • Christian Slater's beautiful face
  • Kevin Costner's rear end
  • Redemption
  • Classic good vs. Evil
I'm sure I'm missing something.  So you can imagine the mixed feelings I encountered when I learned, last year, that Ridley Scott would be doing Robin Hood with Russell Crowe.  The last time those two tangled resulted in Gladiator, an absolutely amazing film.  So... nostalgia mulling in my mind, combined with Gladiator-esque expectations - I was very excited for this look at Robin Hood.

I saw the movie last year with my friend Chad. We thought it was... decent. I honestly can say at the time I liked Iron Man 2 more than Robin Hood, but I wanted to like it a lot more.  So we redbox-ed it the other night because Ashley hadn't seen it.

The first night Ashley fell asleep and I watched it straight through.  Then we watched it together again.  After those two additional sittings I can say that I'm a much bigger fan than after the first sitting.  Very good.  But still, how does it compare to Kevin Costner's cocky obnoxious charming palatable performance?

Well - fortunately for you I whipped up a little chart for just such an occasion.  Let me know your thoughts on the matter.


Disco Mom said...

D -
I came over immediately as soon as I saw this post title on my sidebar. Not even thinking through it would be about Robin Hood, I came in a blind fury - "Really? Is he really asking that question? He can't be serious that there's even a contest." Because it's not a very interesting question if it's just man-to-man; as you say, RC is ten times the man KC is and there is endless empirical data to back that up. Maybe someday I'll go back to school and do a thesis on it.

In the meantime, I had no idea I would be in for such a treat as this post! I do honestly want to know how long it took you to "whip up" this analysis. Or perhaps you did it during viewings?

I admit I haven't seen PoT since 1991 (the Bryan Adams song sealed the deal that it would be my only viewing.) And I did like the new RH very much (especially the arrow through the neck at the end, made me gasp.) RH Marian wins by way more than a hair, you got that wrong. Otherwise I don't argue much with your assessment, especially Will Scarlett. Love that RH guy.

I know this is a bit too judgmental, but couldn't there be an extra box comparing KC and RC's past work, maybe on a point system? I can't help it; despite tenderness for Field of Dreams and Dances with Wolves, and even a little for Bull Durham, I inexplicably and intensely hold Water World against KC - proclaimed worst movie I've ever seen - and he could therefore never win any contest against any actor mediocre-or-better talent. And RC is much, much better.

david said...

yes... kari, of course the overall assessment of RH vs POT isn't really close.

but i'll tell you what, the one area that POT beats RH hands down is the kitsch-nostalgia factor.

POT... has something about it (for me) that I could watch it a thousand times, on mostly any evening. it's chock full of great lines, and there's something awesome about it's... failures in many ways, and successes.

kevin costner's lack of english accent, his abrasiveness cockiness, almost make you want to root against him and root for the sheriff of nottingham. i feel for him, with his crazy mom, desperately grasping for power.

i suggest that if POT had played a bigger role in your childhood like it did in mine, then you'd rate it a lot higher.

david said...

and yes, RC is much better than KC, perhaps the title of my post was more of an intro than a summary. this is RH vs RH.

david said...

oh, and it probably took me... three hours.

ashley was crafting, and i had this inside me that i needed to get out.

Rachel Potter said...

Very amusing! You definitely nailed all of the descriptions. You have inspired me to go and get the new Robin Hood from Red box. I have not yet seen it.

I loved all the quotes from Prince of Thieves. I am surprised that Ashley's fav line "join us.... join us or die" didn't make it in there.

One extra category you may need to add is the sound track. When I would watch the our VHS of The Prince of Thieves the music video for "Every thing I do, I do it for you" would come on. Its a classic ballad from the 90's and needs an honorable mention.

Melissa said...

Finally! Someone had enough time to do a side-by-side comparison of those movies:) But I'm not one to judge since I did not see the latest one. But most impressive!

ashley said...

The only one I disagree with is Godfrey. He is so creepy!

This is a work of art.

Kate said...

1. wow. just simply wow. the broken down analysis was...wow.

2. Kevin Costner with no accent is the DEAL BREAKER. Case closed. And please, Russell Crowe not only uses a bow and arrow with ease, but he survived countless battles in an arena. Gladiator will always beat some douche, who wanted to build a baseball diamond in his field to reconnect with his dad.

3. For the record the bike was locked up. I had bike thieves. Where is Robin Hood when you need him?

Sarah said...

This shouldn't even be a debate. Prince of Thieves ALL THE WAY!!!!!