happy birthday ashley

the birthday wishes just keep rolling in here at pulsipher ad.

i like this picture of ashley. it captures a lot of the things i love about her.

1. that she is so beautiful.
2. that she loves being around people and goofing around
3. that she is the life of the party

ashley is a fantastic mother, wife and best friend.

happy birthday babe.
i love you

orlando bloom.


EG said...

Happy Birthday, Ash!! Not to take away from your birthday post, but I seriously think that blurry man in the back of the pic is my Dad.

I hope you have an amazing day. Wish we could party it up with you.

ashley said...

Ha, Erika! So awesome. I love it. Wish we could party with you guys too.

Thanks for the great bday so far, David. You are the best husband out there.

the youngs said...

Hey Girlfriend, Want to go get a margarita to celebrate your birthday? Ha!!

Serena Cherry said...

Happy Birthday to the beautiful, social and engaging Ashley! I love this picture too. The post made me teary! Love you!!

kimber said...

Well said David. Happy Birthday Ashley...wish you were here so we could go out ....for margaritas of course!

Made me teary too....geez, your blog is a real tearjerker for me. I need to get ahold of myself.

kimber said...

btw, i get it now. you guys moved to cover up the fact that ashley was leaving david for orlando bloom. you could of told us!

david said...

ladies ladies... pull yourselves together.

"shall we take a turn about the room?"

Anonymous said...

Ashley, you always have been a social butterfly. Great post. I wish you the best for this next year. I'm so glad I had you twenty something years ago. You have blessed your parents lives. I love you. Love, Mom