getting him started young

So I know some of you may judge us, but we couldn't resist getting George a Blackberry. He really wanted an iPhone, but we told him that Christmas was just around the corner and that if he was a good boy, maybe Santa would surprise him.

In a brief moment of satiety, I caught this picture of George texting one of his friends, Abe.

I'm pretty sure his text read something to the effect of, "dude, major sw33t potatoes for dinner 2nite. gtg, dads in my grill. ttyl."

When it comes to our little schnookums, there's nothing he can't have. Yes, he doesn't speak any words and has limited motor skills, but should that stop him from being connected wherever he goes? Of course not, e-connectivity is a basic human right these days!

In all seriousness, George does have an email address. All fan email and inquiries can be sent to georgepulsipher [at] gmail . com



MiaKatia said...

I've considered getting email addresses for my kids, before all the good ones are gone. You might have just pushed me in the yes direction. Do you write him letters or memories to save for when he is older?

I have my favorite picture ever of Blake as my screen saver on my phone and he loves to look at it. He even knows that he has to keep touching the screen to keep it on there. Kids have no fear when it comes to technology. My older two are adept iPhone users. Which makes my husband cringe.

david said...


i have thought about that, but i'm sure by the time our kids are using email - there will be another provider - or some other fancy thing that will make email seem archaic.

but, when it comes to reserving emails, every day i think to myself, "i'm so proud of the fact that i'm pulsipher at g mail." what a freaking awesome email address.

Serena Cherry said...

I like this post. a lot. I like the way you think, David! Brilliant to reserve George the good email address before they are all swiped up!

MiaKatia said...

They will be on to a new technology by the time they are using email... but then won't we be the cool parents who reserved them an "old school" or "retro" email address.

Rachel Potter said...

Hey George, I love texting too! You need to start texting your favorite aunt Rachel!

Barb said...