our embarassing tuesday night addiction

Someone please help us.  Ashley and I watch the worst shows on television on Tuesday nights and we can't help ourselves.

90210 is a horribly written show with even worse acting.  I can't stand the cast, and the only redemptive qualities is the cameo/smattering of throwback characters who occaisionally grace the show.  Uncle Jessie's girl... from Full House - Laurie Laughlin is pretty good I suppose.

And Jessica Walter - grandma from Arrested Development is basically playing a muted version of her old character as Lucille Bluth.  So it's funny, but not enough to carry the show, obviously.

To top off this crap-sundae, there is the most obvious product placement by Dr. Pepper going on, through out the entire show. It is so shameless... so embarrassing.

One final thing - you know you are too old for a show when the Jonas Brothers are being advertised as the big appeal in next week's episode.

Privileged is kind of awesome, but one thing is driving me crazy.  One of the main characters is going back to school to study "marine biology."  Freaking marine biology, it's like criminal justice.  If I had a nickel for how many girls told me in middle school that they were going to study "marine biology" - I'd be a millionaire.  Let's be clear about something, there is a huge difference between liking Sea World, swimming with Dolphins and a penchant for snorkeling, and Reproduction, recruitment and fragmentation in nine sympatric species of the coral genus Acropora.

I think what drives me crazy is that... the only way TV writers could make college sound appealing is to use the most cliche college major out there.  

But other than that - everything's great.

Just needed to get that off my chest.


ashley said...

I thought we promised each other last night that we were not going to tell anyone about 90210.

Serena Cherry said...

Ha! I just read Ashley's comment. First of all, I totally don't watch those shows. Did you guys record it last night because some stupid basketball game was on instead??? Was it on? Ah! I only wish we could live closer so we could have 90210 party's together and talk about our dream occupation: swimming with Shamu.

aisy said...

i'm worse.

i got sucked in to "inner beauty"... even though i always forget which night it's on, so catch it every other week. but it's so bad it's good.

Alison said...

David, don't feel bad. I have started watching American Idol...I KNOW I'M SO ASHAMED. I hate it. There is so much drama, and I'm even watching the pre-show crap. I used to detest that stupid show. And you know what's even worse than their blatant exploitation of crappy singers to get ratings, the fact that it's on two nights because they have enough ad money to generate two nights, AND THAT I WATCH BOTH OF THE EPISODES. please help. this feels good to get this off my chest. maybe i'll blog about it. thanks.

John said...

I think we have you beat - Kristina and I enjoy the guiltiest all pleasures on a weekly basis, Monday night's Gossip Girl. Call it Family Home Evening.

I was such a fan of the original 90210 - particularly Brandon's middle class cred, Dylan's adolescent angst, and Kelly's sheer popular-girl coolness - that I started watching the new version when it premiered. Let's just say that I admire your stamina for staying tuned past the first commercial break.

the youngs said...

Lucille might just be worth it and I have loved Aunt Becky since her debut in the 80s BMX film RAD, so she would be a pull too, but I am already feeling guilty enough about watching The Bachelor...it is so terrible. Here's this dude, with a 5 year old son, who makes out with every woman on the show--great example and what's worse is that it is on Monday Nights. Nice FHE, eh?

Liz said...

Ok, hilarious new reality show called "True Beauty." It started out on Monday nights, but now it's on Tuesdays I think. Here's the premise: they picked like 20 hot people and told them they were in a competition for America's most beautiful person. But really it's to test their inner beauty. So they put them in all these situations to see if they are good nice people. Some are, but most aren't. And all of them are so dumb, it is amazing to hear the things they say. But it is so so cheesy and really really awful television.

So there you have it. I confessed it. And now I'm embarassed.