where in the world are ashley and david?

Right now I'm (David) in Los Angeles. Ashley is in Bogota, Colombia. She's there on "business." I've always wanted to say I'm somewhere "on business" and Ashley beat me to it.

I'm jealous of Ashley's trip, although it's hardly recreation. Lots of meetings and work morning to night. I'm sure she's snapping tons of great pictures for you to see when she gets back.

This post is sort of a mish-mash about things going on in Los Angeles and my life this week.

Here in LA, we're right in the middle of May-Gray and June-Gloom. It's one of the biggest kept secrets in all of United States weather systems. Right when the rest of the US is starting to embrace the delightful throngs of spring, LA is stuck in a two month wanna-be Seattle Mode. Faux-Seattle. That's what these two months are like. It's pretty lame, only because I know everyone else is enjoying these awesome months of weather and I'm stuck in Eyore-land.

This week is also Bike to Work Week in Los Angeles. I work as the Bicycle Coordinator for Metro - and this is one of our premiere events of the year. All week long we're encouraging people in Los Angels county and elsewhere, to loose themselves from the fetters of gasoline and the shackles of their car, and get some fresh air and exercise during your commute.

Thursday, is Bike to Work DAY! I'll be at Union Station (downtown) from 6:00-9:00 am at one of our pit stops, giving away goody bags to cyclists, and answering questions about bicycle commuting in Los Angeles.

I also serve on the board of a non profit called C.I.C.L.E. (Cyclists Inciting Change through Live Exchange). Saturday is CICLE's premiere event of the year, the Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo in Pasadena. I'll be presenting two workshops on how to take your bike on public transit. Promoting multi-modal transit is a big part of my job at Metro, and you'd be surprised how much ground you can cover, quickly, when you throw a bike into the mix with public transit.

In a completely different shift, I wanted to list the most recent celebrities I've seen and where we saw them.

Fred Armisen at Pink's
Rob Zombie at REI Santa Monica
Paul Scheer (Creepy Head Page in 30 Rock, with the gap in his teeth - you'll see) at the corner of Westwood & Wilshire

What's new with you guys?


aisy said...

we had hail here in utah... so don't feel too gloomy. our weather has been so crazy lately.

the new thing is race season is upon me and training has begun. well, already have one race under my belt for the season.

columbia? that's a pretty cool place for a work trip.

david said...

yeah, no diggity.

what kind of races are we talking?

Dawn D. Lion said...

Yeah, it seems like the weather sucks all over. We have alternately nice days and horrible crappy ones.
So what was Mr. Zombie buying? And did he look more human than human?
I look forward to hearing about Columbia.

aisy said...

a few triathlons, a few more half marathons, a century ride, a 100 mile relay race... and the pièce de résistance

i might try my hand at a full marathon this year.

i seriously love the tri's though. they rock the most.

oh, and i finally got aerobars for my bike. just a wee bit nervous to use them. you still running?

david said...

dawn - rob zombie was most certainly human. and short... like most celebreties i've found.

i wonder what the connection is? i'm biased, being on the other end of the spectrum. granted, they've accumulated the fame that i'll never reach. but... they can literally never reach the places i can.

i also think short men choose entertainment because being tall is an advantage in athletics.

just a hypothesis.

i can't remember what he was buying, dang it. it wasn't a lot of stuff, i think maybe some minor camping gear?

aisy - i'm not runnin anymore. i live in fear/prevention of my back injury.

i primarily bike now, supplemented with some minor stretching and weight lifting.

i'm documenting the miles i bike this year, so far i'm at 2060. i'd like to get as close to 6K as possible.

your races sound awesome. i haven't done a century yet, but its an inevitability.

meghann said...

Kenneth is not creepy.

david said...

i didn't say kenneth was creepy, i said the head page was creepy. you know, the dude with the gap in his teeth that tried to sand bag kenneth's attempts to work at the beijing Olympics remember?

aisy said...

david... that rocks. i'm proud of your eco-friendly transportation.