the beginning

Welcome - friends, family and stalkers alike.  It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  If so - this picture is probably worth at least two hundred and thirty.  Honestly, I think it sums up what this blog will be about:  telling people about our life and entertaining along the way.  Perhaps with a dash of self-effacing humor.

After getting heat from my sister about writing something - I caved and put up an entry I thought would be a good place to start.  I thought I might briefly tell the story of how we met, because there are some of you who might need a formal introduction to "us."

Ashley and I met in Washington D.C. Ashley was doing an internship for Congressman Hefley - then the representative of Colorado's 5th district. Her mom saw the internship being advertised in the local paper.  Even though the deadline for the internship had passed, she applied anyway and ended up getting the internship.  She was looking forward to being single in a new, exciting city and also being close to her sister.

I moved to D.C. with grand visions of "cleaning up" our nation's capital, much like Mayor Goldie Wilson was going to clean up Hill Valley.  Certainly the impetus for going was the stagnant state of the LDS Denver-dating scene, but also the results of the 2004 election.   I remember my parents were concerned about my exodus.  My dad said (and I quote), "David, you are going to move out there, meet someone from out there, and never come back."

I'm really glad my dad was wrong.  I don't think I can say that about many things - but this one is a safe bet. 

Our path's were destined to collide.   

One of my roommates, Ben - really helped me with the move.  Ben and I attended the University of Colorado together.  Ben dated Ashley's sister back at CU.

Ashley moved into a house full of girls.  I was good friends with her roommate Jocelyn before she moved in.

Finally - I was also good friends with an old college friend of Ashley.  His name is Brant and he works for the Department of Defense.  He moved out a few months before Ashley did - and was one of the key players in "our meeting."

With the inter-connected nature our social network - our meeting was inevitable.  My roommate Ben and I hosted a dinner party for Jocelyn and some of her roommates - Ashley being one of them.  Ashley didn't know that Ben, Jocelyn and I had kind of arranged this little soiree so that we could meet.  Meet we did.  Then we dated... and then we got married about ten months later.

I was immediately attracted to Ashley.  I loved her eyes and her hair.  She was really beautiful, and tall.  It was impossible to ignore her.   Ashley had just gotten out of a relationship and was giving off a pretty gnarly "I'm not interested vibe." 

I was intrigued by this vibe - because I thought  I was pretty awesome and thought that Ashley should be moonstruck by me.   Ashley played it as cool as a cucumber.  As the evening progressed, conversation turned to music.  I offered to make Ashley a mix cd as an transparent motive to see her again.

At the time, I was having pretty serious back problems. So much so, that Ashley later recorded that she even took that into consideration for our future nuptials... before we started dating "officially."  I call it the Tiny Tim charm.  In Ashley's daydream - I was cast as the "invalid husband."

Fortunately, my back healed and Ashley doesn't have to worry about a future where she's the only parent hefting our progeny.

The next day - Ashley sent me an email where she offered her compassionate services and even offered to go to blockbuster for me.  After we exchanged a few emails - we arranged a date for that weekend and the rest is history.  We're actually coming up on the 2 year anniversary of that email exchange.  Maybe we'll go to blockbuster to celebrate.  

What's your "how we met" story?


Ryan said...

BYU library periodicals section. I scoped her out several times before I made the approach. Best move of my life. :-)

mel said...

Ashley, so good to know how you met your husband...as I was in complete la-la land not even knowing you were in D.C. for a long time! :) Congrats on the 2 yrs- and uh, Dave nice to meet you?...

ashley said...

Thanks Melinda! Yeah, we were in DC for just a short time... I miss it a lot. LA is nice though--how can you complain about warm weather in February! I was out it shorts and a t-shirt today.

David asked how I knew you and I had to laugh because most of my memories of you involve last minute trips--Mexico, Jackson Hole, and I am pretty sure, San Francisco? College set a precedent in my life that makes for a rough transition into the real world...what you mean, I can't casually take Friday and a Monday off when I feel like going on a short trip?

Anyway, hope life in DC is treating you well. Thanks for checking in!

david said...

one part of the story i forgot to mention - ashley thought i was a "short buddy" because of the way i had been hyped up.

so... i don't know if that's a diss on short people, or a diss on hyping up your friends.

i guess the takeaway is, when you hype up your friends include vital statistics like height.

aisy said...

i'm still waiting on my "how we met" story...

but i'm glad to hear yours. and i'm glad you've started this blog. i'm also glad that you reversed one of your earlier statements you made to me in denver. i refuse to post it publicly though.

yah for two years!!!

Alison said...

this is a big deal!

Mia said...

I insulted my husband's choice of majors, while welcoming him to church, then gave him the wrong phone number. Geesh, thankfully he gave me a second chance. We have been best friends ever since and I am still crazy about him. He is still crazy for marying me.

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Wow, glad to see you guys are blogging! I remember going out to DC and staying with Ashley for "girls weekend," and I have never seen Ashley light up as much as she did when talking about you, David. She is an awesome girl and you really are her perfect match! Your "how we met" story is cooler than ours... Matt was a missionary in my parent's ward while I was a freshman at BYU, and after he got off his mission they set us up. The rest is history! Miss you Ashley!

Blythe said...

Well, you kind of know our story. We met in Honors English 2, and we were both 15. But we didn't really date until...well, we never really dated. We kind of went from being friends to being engaged, to having four kids and two dogs.

Craig said...


We met through Ashley. I think it was at an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica. Maybe it was earlier. I don't remember these things. Which is why I{m still single and my girlfriends all hat me, cause I don't remember the "how we met" stories.

I do remember that when you and I met it was magical.

Just pure magic.

david said...

craig, we didn't meet at that restaurant.

we met at ashley's birthday party. you came with poopsie, dave, and maybe someone else.

actually... that night i remember we talked about american idol and how you wanted to try out. i remember you singing something and thinking you had a good sense of humor.

and we did meet through ashley, you got that right

Serena Cherry said...

Great story! I feel sheepish to say that my husband and I met through the BYU periodical's section as well. I guess it didnt' have it's reputation for nothing! I was an employee, so I did spend considerable time there. We were glad to get a front row seat to your whole courtship. Except the part in CO.

Angeler said...

On the internet.

My screenname was my last name (same as his last name) so he emailed me to see if we were related. Funny emails aside, I programmed him in my phone as "Cousin Craig." Then we made plans with our groups of friends to get together.

After we met, I called my grandma straight away to check my pedigree. We were making out shortly thereafter.

david said...

GREAT story angeler.

you should tell the story of when we first met in denver... on second thought... maybe pass on that.


Dawn D. Lion said...

Woohoo, glad pulsipher ad is up and running! Count me in the adoring internet stalkers category.
Our how-we-met story - he was friends with my ex-boyfriend. The first time we hung out was Thanksgiving, said boyfriend was kind of an oaf, and I liked talking to Jason a lot more. I was impressed that he both listened to and understood a long-winded theory I had about the spiritual themes in Run Lola Run. It was only 6 months later, when I was single and bumped into him as he was bussing tables, that the serious flirting could begin.

Disco Mom said...

Yay, I'm excited to see this blog take off and to "meet" Ashley. As you know, Ed and I met in the CU ward. It is not an awesome story. My first impression was that his head was disproportionately large for his body, and why does he dress and act like a grandpa? His first impression was weird glasses, overly confident, way too "out there" and not his type at all. Sometimes we look at each other and we're still not sure when or how we fell in love but here we are 8 years later, making it work.

ashley said...

Thanks for sharing these, everyone. I really love these stories.

miss sparks said...

i'm sorry that ashley thought you were a short buddy! i figured your good looks spoke for themselves, so i tried to focus on all of your fabulous inner qualities when talking you up... and in the end, your perfectly square jaw did the trick. :)

kat said...

ahh. so nice to have some more pulsipher to read. thanks for thinking of my needs! :)

another cu-ward romance story here. the first time i 'met' roger, he was the strange new guy sleeping on the ground at the campout because he had the bad timing of breaking up with susan mcmillan on the ride up. she got mad and turned around and left him up there.

we became friends - SOMEONE neglected to mention a girlfriend back in utah until she showed up. said girlfriend even ended up spending most of thanksgiving weekend at MY house - rog is not so great at the break up - and eventually we made out after a wedding reception (jill and mike white) and then started dating. and just a few years later tied the knot, once roger realized shortness isn't contagious, nor a deal breaker.

mj said...

so when i read this a few weeks ago it inspired me to write a really really long answer on my own blog (because it's a really really long story and i had never fully recorded it). i'm not saying there's any need to read it, but i mentioned i got the idea here, so i feel weird not telling. the short version is i met my husband b/c we both play guitar and then i was friends with him for a couple years and then we dated a couple years and then we got married.